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Arbitrage Training course


We will teach you how to turn regular betting into a clever investment. In our training you will have access to online education. Arbitrage Training course is well suited for sports arbitrage beginners.

Each lesson in our training course consists of the following parts:

  • Video section
  • Text material
  • Testing questions

In our Arbitrage Training course you will find out how to:

  • Bet and win every time, no matter the result of the match
  • Turn the regular betting into clever investment
  • Start with sports arbitrage betting
  • Understand the math behind sports arbitrage
  • Create your own portfolio of bookmakers
  • Use RebelBetting software
  • Place sports arbitrage bets in real trading
  • Effectively manage your funds among bookmakers

You now have an opportunity try the first lesson of the course for FREE. For more details see the curriculum 


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  1. Awesome course, I really recommend it to everyone who wants to start with sports arbitrage!

  2. 5

    I enjoyed arbitrage training a lot. I used to bet combo bets but it did not work for me well, that is why I purchased this course – It taught me basics of the arbitrage trading and I will try to be an arber!

  3. 5

    The course has helped me out to become succesful arbitrage bettor.
    It helped me to understand what it is arbitrage, how calculate probability and understand all kind of bets.
    Everything is really nice explained An investment in knowledge pays the best interest this quote really influenced me.
    I am looking forward on Silver package and recomend it toeverybody!!!
    Thank you:)

  4. Just when I needed it!


    What this course has going for it is the integrity of it’s developers. They have experience and are obviously excited about sharing what they know works.
    Even from my limited experience, it’s easy to know this course is more valuable than the other I have seen and is clearly worth my while.
    I trade more efficiently after having completed it.
    Well done!

  5. Pleasant and good to understand


    The theory and examples in the course make the basics and principles of arbitrage sportsbetting good to understand in a pleasant step by step way.

  6. 5

    Awesome course, all the great explanation. All I recommend this method for that I am very happy.

  7. 5

    This course guided me through the basics of the sports arbitrages. The layout of the course is nice as well as the videos – the voiceover of the videos is great to listen! I had some additional questions after I finished the course and my personal account manager Marketa helped me to figure it out! Thanks a lot!

  8. 5

    Great course to learn the basics!

  9. 5

    Great course saved me heaps of trouble

  10. Just Perfect


    Very well structured and easy to follow course, perfect way to start your new sports arbitrage career. Great value for money.

  11. Good


    I could learn basic of arb and actually practicing from this course.
    Thanks to this training I am now a confidence arber.

  12. Everything you need to start arbitraging


    Here you can find everything you need to start making money. Just study and then take action

  13. Great learning


    Great learning and fun.

  14. best arbitrage training so far


    arbitrage training is very informative and a very good guide for beginners learning how to become a successful sport arbitrage investor. highly recommend

  15. Very objective


    You can learn what you really need to be an arbitrage trader

  16. Great


    It’s a great course that covers all the basics and even more. After reading this course I feel confident to start trading on my own:)

  17. Arbitrage Training


    The Arbitrage Training course is essential for all new Arbitrage Bettors.

    Great advice on types of arbitrage bets, bookmaker set-ups, account management and the use of RealBetting software.

    Thank You

  18. Great course


    Incredible, useful and we liked Steve. Highly recomandable.

  19. Arbitrage training


    It’s has really enlightened me more on arbitrage bet.Really helpful.

  20. Very informative


    Thanks for giving this course, it was surely helpful for understanding the logic behind arbs with very valuable tips to get started.

  21. Well done


    The course is really well designed. Especially how to split bankroll is quite important in my opinion

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