Arbitrage Training

Sports Arbitrage

It is a trading technique that takes advantage of different odds offered by different bookmakers at the same time, and allows the better to earn risk-free arbitrage profit. 

The arbitrage trading technique itself is legal, although every trader is responsible for determining whether his accessing and use of bookmakers’ websites is compliant with applicable laws in his jurisdiction. 

Some people think that sports arbitrage trading is too good to be true, but trust us, it is not! You just need to have some initial capital and dedicate at least 20 hours every week to it. 

Arbitrage Training

  • We will guide you through the arbitrage technique from beginning to the end. If you don’t know much about it, you will definitely have the ability to become a pro after our training.
  • Most of all, this training will help you to eliminate most of the beginner’s mistakes that every arbitrage trader usually makes when starting out. This alone will save you more money than you actually invest in the training! Trust us, it is definitely worth it.

Yes it is. You just have to sign up as a new user and subscribe to the selected course. After you pay for the training, you immediately gain access to it.

You can pay via our integrated PayPal method with Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

There are many subjects included – for more information click here  

Each lesson of the training course includes a video section, text material and test questions.

We can refund money right up until you hit the button to start the course and begin training. Once you start the course, the money cannot be refunded. 

  • You can only log in from one computer at a time. If we find out that you are logged in on more than one device, we can terminate your access to our training for three days, and you will receive a first warning. If this happens again, your access will be denied.
  • For more information please read our terms and conditions here:  terms and conditions  

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We offer only online education at the moment.


Bookmakers and Skrill e-wallet

No, you can have only one account at any one bookmaker.

There are a few bookmakers that never limit your account even if you place only arbitrage trades – Pinnacle_Sports, SBObet, Dafabet, Betfair, among others. That’s why they are the ones used most often for your arbitrage bets.

The biggest advantages of Skrill are speed of transfers and low transaction costs comparing to banks.

  • Yes, 99 % of them support the Skrill e-wallet.


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