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Ice hockey World Championship 2015 – Placing sure bets on ice hockey

The Ice hockey World Championship 2015, hosted by Prague, Czech Republic is in progress. As an arbitrage trader, you may have noticed an increase in arbitrage bets involving ice hockey. Yesterday we had an opportunity to place a nice arbitrage on the Sweden – Canada match.

Canada is considered to be the favourite to win a world champions title. Although Sweden has a strong team as well, they were outsiders in this match, and we were able to place an arbitrage bet using the bookmakers bwin and Pinnacle. Bwin offered us 4.60 odds on Sweden, and we could cover it using Pinnacle placing bets on the draw with the odds 5.32, and on the Asian Handicap 0 on Canada, with the odds 1.38. It is not a typical 3-way arbitrage bet, but I’m sure you are going to figure out how to calculate your sure bet and make a sure profit! If not, check our Arbitrage Training course – lesson 4 – and we’ll help you with that!


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When 60 minutes of ice hockey cannot decide a winner, overtime follows; and that might be another dangerous situation for arbitrage traders. You need to know how to cover all outcomes of your sure bet without leaving any space for mistakes. We hope you will avoid them, and that arbitrage trades placed on the matches of the ice hockey World Championship are going to help you earn more money! See our Arbitrage Training for more info: (LESSON 4: Types of Bets – Dangerous combinations)

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Although Sweden won the first period of this match 3:0, Canada turned things around and took the victory 6:4. It means that our arbitrage trade won with Pinnacle.

If you would like to see the matches in the ice hockey World Championship for yourself, the team recommends it to you, for sure. We were there, and the atmosphere of every match is awesome – attendance is always above 10,000, and it is definitely worth the experience!

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