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Our meeting with Simon Renström from RebelBetting in Prague

On 21st May, our team met in Prague with the CEO of RebelBetting, Simon Renström. First of all, let me introduce Simon. From my personal experience and a one-day meeting, I can say that he is a very engaging person, who has wide knowledge of many fields, especially in programming, of course. His sense of humour was very entertaining during the whole day. Now you might want to know something interesting: for example, how the RebelBetting software was invented and developed in the first place, right?

In 2007, two programmers and two professional poker players got the seemingly crazy idea of building a tool that would make a guaranteed profit from betting on sports. One programmer quit the job he had been in for 12 years, and after a year a prototype was finished. The small team was happily surprised to make a 12 % profit in the first month. RebelBetting now have users from over 120 countries.

 RebelBetting and ArbitrageTraining cooperation

RebelBetting and Arbitrage Training have cooperated since January 2014. Later on, our training for surebets was launched. We have visited a conference called Engage 2015, where Socialbakers presented the biggest social business conference and educational summit. The meeting was very inspirational in many ways. The vibrant spirit of the atmosphere was all around. With Simon we discussed our future options for our cooperation – so let’s see what the upcoming weeks will bring.


Hint! There might be some extended tailored training for advanced arbitrage betting. So after you start with arbing and explore and learn the basics, you can then move to a slightly more challenging level, which will be rewarded with increased incomes.

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