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Placing arbitrage bets on horse races

Arbitrage traders can place arbitrages on many sports. The commonest arbitrage markets are football, basketball, ice hockey and tennis. What about horse racing? Is it worth a try? On the one hand these arbitrage bets can be really profitable; but on the other, bookmakers can easily detect that you are placing arbitrage bets.

sports arbitrage betting - horse racing

Do you know how to place an arbitrage bet on the horse races? It is really easy with the use of the sports betting exchanges (for example Smarkets). You just pick a winner of the race, and place him as one part of the arbitrage bet. If you want to bet and win every time, you need to cover every outcome of the arbitrage, right? And you do so by placing a lay bet with one of the exchanges.

“Do you know how to place a lay bet and how to properly calculate it? Lesson 4 of the Arbitrage Training course is going to show that with the help of the explanatory videos!”

The disadvantage is that bookmakers can easily recognise that you are arbitrage trader, and some of them do not like that at all. Imagine when you place a bet on the odds of 8.00 that your horse will win. If this is an arbitrage bet, many traders are going to do the same, and so the odds are going to fall from 8.00 to 4.50. For many bookmakers this might be a signal to limit your sports betting account.

That is why the team recommend that you avoid arbitrage betting on the horse races when you have a new sports betting account without limits. We believe that you will not attract as much attention from the bookmakers if you stay away from these arbitrages, and your account will then remain for longer without any limits.

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