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Placing sports arbitrage on baseball

Have you ever placed a sports arbitrage bet on baseball? And did you look at the pitchers? Because if you want to win every time no matter the result of the match, you have to look closely at the pitchers – and whether they match on both bookmakers. This way, you close a sports arbitrage bet instead of a normal bet. In sports arbitrage betting, you have your profit ensured, not like in normal betting; but you have to be careful not to make mistakes. Our Arbitrage Training is here to help you with all of this.

In baseball, the pitcher is the player who throws the baseball from the pitcher’s mound toward the catcher to begin each play. The crucial thing here is that he begins each play. If he does not, and instead of him another pitcher does that, some bookmakers might deem your bet to be void.

So imagine that you’re placing a sports arbitrage bet on baseball. You don’t know that you have to check the pitchers, and just before the game starts, team A changes its pitchers. What happens?

If you place the bet, for example, at Pinnacle, the pitchers are written on the bet. You can un-tick them if you want to keep this bet valid even if the pitcher is changed. Say, then, that the other arbitrage bet was placed on bwin, and no pitchers were chosen, because this bookmaker does not have it as an option.

Are you interested in what happens when the pitcher is changed? Well, because with Pinnacle you set pitchers as a necessary condition for the bet to be accepted, it is voided. However on bwin, there was no such condition, so the bet is kept as placed.

So if you notice that your sports arbitrage bet is wrong before the match takes place, we advise you to cover your arbitrage bet either on Pinnacle, with changed pitchers, or at any other bookmaker that has got his odds the closest for profitable arbitrage, so that you can win every time without exposing your entire stake.

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