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RebelBetting software – great tool for sports arbitrage beginners

When I started arbing many years ago, I tried to find my own arbitrages without using RebelBetting software. I was not very successful, because the odds were moving too quickly for me. Many of my arbitrage trades were not profitable because of the time lag between placing the first part of the arbitrage and covering the second part of the arbitrage bet (and sometimes the third as well). Another crucial thing was that I was only looking for main markets – such as 3-way and MoneyLine. But there are thousands of Cross markets combinations that are very hard to find without any arb alert software.


Do you want to find out how to place sports arbitrages in RebelBetting software more quickly and efficiently? Great – sign up to our Arbitrage Training and we will help you with that!


Start Your Free Trial Now!Then I browsed online and discovered RebelBetting software. I downloaded the free version, and I was amazed at how many markets this software had, and how quickly arbitrages appeared on my computer. The problem with the free version is that you cannot see the most profitable arbitrages – these ones are locked to you. That’s why I subscribed to RebelBetting software for one month. It was in June 2011. Suddenly I was able to place arbs much faster, and so I was able to make a higher profit. I have been a subscriber to this amazing piece of software for four years now, and I have gained knowledge in the sports arbitrage field which I would like to share with you through the Arbitrage Training course. So sign up today and turn regular betting into clever investment!

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