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Sports arbitrages – tricky ice hockey rules

Maybe you have read our recent article on basketball rules – the trouble with mixing together 3-way and 2-way in one arbitrage bet. Well trust us, ice hockey rules are more tricky than basketball ones. If you want to place sports arbitrage bets and be sure that you have covered all outcomes of the arbitrage properly, you need to be familiar with this problem.


In Lesson 4 of the Arbitrage Training we discuss types of bets. You can see the curriculum here. We explain the difficulties with ML (MoneyLine) and DnB (Draw no Bet) in detail. Moreover, we deal with dangerous combinations in sports arbitrage betting. If you want to find out more about this, sign up to our Training – you won’t regret it.


Sure bettting - arbitrages on ice hockey


Our team started placing sports arbitrage bets quite a few years ago, and we have encountered many problems since. Usually we found out that we made mistakes the day after, when the sums of our budgets were covered in red numbers. When this happens, your feelings are mixed up, and you would feel like screaming. But after we calmed down, we started digging and reading, and eventually found out what we had done wrong. The process was very costly for us – but it doesn’t have to be for you! We share our knowledge and experience with all subscribers. If I had had the opportunity back then, I would have purchased Arbitrage Training immediately – it would have saved me more money than I could ever have expected.

Arbitrage Training not only offers you the guide to how to start with sports arbitrages, but you have the opportunity to discuss any of your related questions with your personal manager, 24/7.


So what do you think? Are you ready to take the Arbitrage Training and start earning money by placing arbitrage bets? I hope you are!

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