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Sports arbs – what percentage should be played?

What value of sports arbs do you place?

Do you sports arbs, and sometimes find you are just not sure what percentage is good for you? Imagine a situation like this: You have your RebelBetting software opened on your computer, trying to make you some money. A 0.6% arbitrage appears, and you just don’t know whether you should take it and make a sure profit from it or not. Every arbitrage trader knows this situation, when he has been uncertain whether to bet on these lower arbitrages.


Unfortunately, there is no rule

There is no rule telling us what percentage of the sure bet/sports arb we should take or not, because it depends on many circumstances. Of course it depends on your bankroll. Not sure what bankroll is the best for you? Check our article about bankroll. Another factor that matters is the amount of your time that you want to spend placing sure bets. If you plan to arb for only a couple of hours a week, then take low-percentage sports arbitrages as well. You have to gather experience in the sports arbitrage field, and when you do so you will be able to judge for yourself what percentage is good and what is not!

I will give you a simple guide that helps you to decide. Calculate how much you can earn per day, according to your budget. Let’s say that you have €10,000 and your average sure bet is 0.50%, so you will earn €50. On the other hand, if your average sure bet is 1.50%, your daily earnings might be €150 or more. Just think about it a little. Now, you can argue that you probably should not use the whole bankroll at once, and you are right – but you can roll it over twice a day or more if you are experienced.


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