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Sure bets – soccer – who will advance to the next round?

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Whenever the UEFA Champions League final match comes around, there are of course sure bets to be had. If you are familiar with exchanges, you might clearly notice that the liability (the volume respectively) is incredible high compared to the beginning of the season. On the match that took place on 13th May – Real Madrid vs Juventus – you could place an unbelievable €90,000 on Real Madrid on odds of 1.67. For example, on Pinnacle you could place close to €30,000 on the same selection, see? The more advanced the Champions League is, the more liability occurs.


Just imagine that you have a very high budget and you place arbitrage bets with such amounts – isn’t this amazing? The profit will be incredibly high and with no risk – a sure bet profit. Of course, there are not going to be arbitrage bets of 3% with this amount; however 0.3% would do just as well – you can do the maths on your own…

But even in these big matches there are some dangerous areas. For example, “Who will advance to the next round?” You might say, “What can I do wrong there,” right? Well, you could confuse this with the MoneyLine market. This is also a market with two options, and seems quite similar. However combining these two selections together in one arbitrage bet is a huge risk. The team that wins this match doesn’t necessarily have to be the team that advances to the next round. If the previous match ends 0:2 (from the perspective of home team A) and the second match ends 0:1 (from the perspective of home team B) it is clear that even if home team A wins this second match, they will not advance to the next round. Team B will win.

If you want to bet and win every time, sure bets are a great option; but you need to be very careful, especially if the stakes are quite high. Purchase our Arbitrage Training and avoid these situations.

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