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The Bonus on the Champions League

The semifinal of the Champions League came around, and an offer by bookmakers came up. One bookmaker offered a €25 bonus to anyone who settled the pre-match bet on the match between Juventus Torino and Real Madrid, and a live bet on the same match. The bookmaker promised to refund your stake up to €25 if your live bet lost.


That’s not bad, is it? Well, I found a smart solution to be sure to get this bonus. It’s simple – I just used what I know from Arbitrage Training. I placed a pre-match arbitrage opportunity between Juventus Torino and Real Madrid. (One outcome was settled at the bookmaker.) Then I waited for the live betting and placed €25 on Real Madrid, and I hoped that Real Madrid would win. Then all I had to do was drink a beer, enjoy the match, and maybe win some money. It was for free anyway!


Sure bets - champions league - bonus by bet365



Unfortunately, Real Madrid lost. I thought there must be a better way to be sure of getting the profit from this offer. So I used the option of 24/7 support from the guys at Arbitrage Training, and I talked to my Sports Arbitrage Training Manager – and he explained to me how to be sure of making a profit from this offer.

                                                                                                                                        Written by Tom

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