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The tricky bonus for arbitrage traders offer by bet365

The bookmaker bet365 offers a lot of bonuses throughout the year. Two of them were offered on the Champions League. The principle was described in our previous article – The Bonus offer by bet365 on the Champions League. Generally, bet365 offered a €25 bonus to anyone who settled the pre-match bet on the match between Juventus Torino and Real Madrid (FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich), and the live bet on the same match. The bookmaker promised to refund your stake up to €25 if your live bet lost.

The team at Arbitrage Training experienced some tricky sport bonus offers by bet365 for the sports arbitrage betting traders’ community. Has your account been investigated and limited by the bet365 support team? You might not have noticed that you are not able to get these sports bonuses. Tom could lose his €25 if his account was limited (check the previous article here). Fortunately, Tom took advice from Arbitrage Training, and stayed under the bookmaker’s radar a little longer. Do you know the ground rules for how to stay under bookmaker’s radar? Sign up for Arbitrage Training and get the general knowledge of how stay under the radar – right now.

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