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Introduction L1 – Sports arbitrages

L1 – The basics of sports arbitrages/surebets

Steve - sports arbitragesIn this lesson we are going to introduce you to the basics of surebet/sports arbitrages. Detailed understanding of this subject, as well as experience in the process of sports arbitrages themself, will help you to become a successful sports arbitrages bettor. If you proceed in the recommended way you will achieve stable profits in the long run, unlike many other bettors, who may make a short-term profit, but in the long run mainly suffer a net loss.

We will try to explain to you the difference between sports arbitrage betting, which is a responsible, well thought-out and mathematically calculated investment, and sports betting, which is considered as a pure gamble. When you understand the difference between the two methods, you will definitely prefer surebet/sports arbitrage to sports betting. However, we have to take you through this lesson step by step, and so we will start with a simple explanation of arbitrage. Then you will find what sports betting is; and finally we will connect those two terms together and show you what sports arbitrage is.

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