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Arbitrage – is a technique of investment, which uses the differences of prices on the market to obtain a non-risk profit.

Sports betting – is one of the forms of gambling where a bettor tries to predict the result of  a future sports event, or any other opportunity, and places money on his/her favoured team.

Sports arbitrage betting – is a responsible, well thought-out and mathematically calculated investment, which leads to profit in the long run.

Stake– is the amount that is being placed as a bet.

Odds – is a number that if converted (divide 1 by the odds) describes the probability of each sportsman or team winning.

Winnings–is the amount that you can win. It is calculated as the stake multiplied by the odds.

Loss– in the case of sports arbitrage opportunity, is the stake you lose on the non-winning bets. In the case of non-arbitrage opportunity, it is simply the amount you lose.

Net profit– is your winnings minus the stake you lose on the other non-winning bets in a particular arbitrage. In other words, it is what you earn by placing sports arbitrage.

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