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Middle trades

Still not convinced that sports arbitrage is the right thing for you? Well, have you ever heard of Middle trades? No? Never mind, we’ll show you – and we think you will be amazed.

All of these arbitrage opportunities from time to time enable a special combination called middles. They not only cover all possible outcomes of the match as normal arbitrage does, but at one specific point in time both outcomes of the arbitrage can win. This usually happens in basketball matches.

We would like to show you a real example from recent days, so you can see that the theory really works. We have placed this special arbitrage on the match Pelita Jaya vs Bimasakti Malang (Indonesian basketball league).

Example of middle trades in basketball:

Imagine that you place an arbitrage bet on a handicap in the match; so the first bet is Pelita Jaya – 25.5 points. You should cover this by placing a second bet of Bimasakti Malang +25.5 points, right? But what if the odds allow you to place Bimasakti Malang +28.5, and it is still an arbitrage? Then great, you have created middles. See? The possibility exists that when Pelita Jaya wins by 26, 27 or 28 points, both of your outcomes will win!

Isn’t it amazing? So let’s have a look at some real examples:

Pelita Jaya vs Bimasakti Malang; Bimasakti Malang +28.5; 3.00 with SBO; €29

Pelita Jaya vs Bimasakti Malang; Pelita Jaya -25.5; 1.85 with Rivalo; €45

As you can see, the result of the match was 85:59, which means that your 100% non-risk profit from this bet is approximately €96! This is amazing, don’t you agree?

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Now let us show you an example of real middles in the pictures below, so you can see that these bets were actually placed and properly graded.

Please see the pictures below: 




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