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Sure bets with three outcomes (3-way)

Sure bets with three outcomes  to cover

In some cases it can happen that there are not only two outcomes to cover, but even more. Usually it happens at football (soccer) matches when you have to cover three possible outcomes – the winning of either the home team or the away team, and a draw. This can be also shortened as a two-outcome combination: home team and double chance (away team and draw). RebelBetting can combine even more difficult sure bets of three outcomes combining European and Asian handicaps, etc. You will find this and plenty of other information in the fourth chapter, which will explain to you the type of bets in detail.

See an example of 3-way sure bets

Let’s now show you the typical three-way sure bets. In the table below you can see the odds for a football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Bookmakers Pinnacle, bet365 and Coral have been chosen for this arbitrage.

Sure bets

If you combine the highest odds of each bookmaker, you will have sure bets opportunity. From your knowledge gained in the previous chapter, you can try to calculate the probability, just to be sure. We will now show you how you can calculate this sports arbitrage so we can win the same amount no matter the outcome of the match.

We will start by placing a bet of €100 on the first participant, Barcelona. We will place it at bet365, because they offer the highest odds. If Barcelona win, our probable winning is €250 (though we need to later deduct the other stakes that we placed but did not win). The question is: how much do we have to place on draw so we could win €250 as well? This is easily answered by dividing €250 by the highest odds offered on the market, which is 3.30. We can also choose between Pinnacle and Coral, because they offer the same odds. The calculation equals €75.80, which we place on draw. If you were paying attention during our Sports Arbitrage training, you should have in mind that only by covering all the possible outcomes would it yield a successful sure bets. You should also be able to calculate the remaining stake yourself, and choose the correct odds. The highest odds on Real Madrid are offered by Pinnacle – 3.50. You just need to divide €250 by 3.50, which is your last stake that needs to be placed – €71.50.

What is the sure bets/sports arbitrage profit? No matter who wins the match, you win €250; and by deducting all the placed bets – €71.50, €75.80 and €100 respectively – you get €2.70, which is the amount you win.


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