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Betting is always considered a gamble. If you are a sports bettor you place a bet just on one outcome of the match. But what if you could cover all the outcomes? Would it still be a gamble? No. We turn sports betting into investment.

Our Sports Arbitrage training is for when regular betting just isn’t right for you anymore.

First lesson of Sports Arbitrage Training

In the first lesson we will explain to you the difference between sports betting, which is considered as gambling and sports arbitrage betting, which is a responsible, and mathematically established investment.

People all around the world are betting their money while trying to guess which sportsman has a better chance to win. They are trying their luck all over again, but most of them end up losing their money. So why don’t you try sports arbitrage? It’s easy. We will show you how normal sports betting and sports arbitrage betting work.

Let’s meet Bill

Meet Bill. He is a normal sports bettor. Bill decides to place a bet on a tennis match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Bill looks at the odds for this match and decides to place a bet at Pinnacle Sports. He bets €100 on Roger on odds 1.80 because he thinks that Roger cannot lose in any way. Bill watches every second of the match, because there is a lot at stake. He could lose €100 or he could win €80. Bill is excited! After four hours of watching the match, Roger has two match balls. Unfortunately, he does not convert any of them! Novak turns things around and wins the whole match. Bill goes crazy! Come on Bill, you cannot earn money this way, can you? Would it not be better to win every time? Steve will show you how to do that.

Let’s meet Steve

Sports arbitrage training steveSo let’s meet Steve. Steve uses the sports arbitrage betting system. First of all, Steve will look for the arbitrage opportunity in this match. He will do it most effectively by using software called RebelBetting, which scans the market and gives you thousands of sports arbitrages a day. The odds for the match have to be high enough to create an arbitrage opportunity. In this match, they are. So Steve places €100 on Roger at Pinnacle just like Bill does, but he doesn’t stop there. Steve needs to cover all potential outcomes of the match – so he could win no matter what the result, remember? The problem is, how much exactly does he have to bet on Novak so the winnings are equal if Novak wins or loses.

Steve will use the highest odds offered by Unibet on Novak – which is 2.40. To equally split the winnings he needs to calculate how to win the same stake on Unibet as well. He just simply divides 180 by 2.40, which equals 75 and this is the amount he needs to bet on Novak.

See the profit eeom sports arbitrage

So if Roger wins, Steve‘s profit is €80 but do not forget to deduct the stake he loses which is €75. Steve‘s net profit from this arbitrage is €5. On the other hand if Novak wins, Steve‘s profit is €105 minus the stake he loses on Roger which is €100. So his net profit is also €5. As you can see, it doesn’t matter which of the sportsman wins. Steve wins every time!

The process of surebet/sports arbitrage can seem complicated. But in reality it is just a matter of seconds. The RebelBetting software will show you the surebets/sports arbitrage opportunity, you just simply choose it and in a couple of seconds the odds from your two chosen bookmakers will appear. You just use the built in surebets calculator to manage the stakes and place the bets. So it really is that simple to turn regular betting into clever investing.

Ok so some people might say that a €5 does not sound like much of a return? They might be right. But think about it a little. How long does it actually take you to place two bets? Maybe a few seconds. So now imagine how many sports arbitrage bets you can place in one minute, one hour, one week or even one month? The answer is many. Thousands of arbitrages are constantly available waiting to be placed. So, what do you think? Do you like the sound of sports arbitrage? We hope you do and that you are as excited as Steve is J

If you are a sports arbitrage bettor you do need not pay attention to the result of the match because you win in any case. You don’t need to be stressed during the match like other bettors. If you like, you can sit and watch the entire match and enjoy every second of it. So why don’t you give it a try? Don’t delay! Go through our Sports arbitrage training and become a successful arbitrage investor. If you need any help, we are here for you. Good luck!

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