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Hello everybody,

In this free sample we will show you a short example from our Arbitrage Training. (If you have already purchased the full course you can continue with Lesson 2. This Introduction and Lesson 1 are available for free.)

First of all, you might be interested in what are you going to receive when you purchase the course, right?

The Arbitrage Training consists of six lessons (the first lesson is completely free), each of them starting with an explanatory video, which is five to nine minutes long. Then there is text material. In the text section the subject is described in more detail, and more examples are given to make sure that you fully understand the content. Furthermore, to examine your knowledge, there is a test that assesses your level of understanding.

You can see more in the Arbitrage Training curriculum.

If you subscribe for Arbitrage Training, you will get our 24/7 support.

Enjoy our free lesson!

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