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What bankroll should arbitrage bettor start with?

What bankroll should sports arbitrage bettor have?

Are you wondering what bankroll you should have when you are about to start your career as a sports arbitrage bettor? If so, you have come to the right place, because Arbitrage Training will help you out. An educated and experienced arbitrage bettor can grow his bankroll by 10–20% ROI – read our article about ROI here. Obviously, you cannot use a bankroll like €500 or so for sure betting. The profits would not be of interest to you using only a €500 bankroll – because you need to have fast sports arbitrage software like RebelBetting, and with 10–20% profit from €500 you could barely cover your investment in sports arbitrage software.



On the other hand, €100,000 would probably be too much, and you would not be able to place such an amount on the sports arbitrage betting market due to the limits of the bookmakers.

In Lesson 3 of the Arbitrage Training course, we will show you what amount of bankroll is ideal; and moreover, we will show you (sports arbitrage bettor) how many bookmakers’ accounts you should have with your bankroll, and the best way to distribute your funds among them! If you don’t know what bookies to start with, subscribe and see what the best solution is for you. There are thousands of bookies on the Internet, but we have tested and chosen just the most reliable one.

So, like I said before, if you are struggling with bankroll/bookies issues, is ready to help you, so sign up to the course today! SIGN UP and start new career as sports arbitrage bettor!

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