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What is the future of sports arbitrages?

The sports betting market is probably the only market these days where you can find arbitrage opportunities of around 1%-5%. The financial markets have become so efficient that arbitrages can be placed not just in percents, but in thousandths of percents! In this case you need to have large sums of money (millions of euro) and high-tech methods. On the sports betting market you do not need those things – yet. Sure, to get started with sports arbitrage you need to have an initial capital as well – but you are fine with anything more than 10 thousands euro.

Sports Arbitrage Betting

Some bookmakers are faster compared to the sports arbitrage world a couple of years ago, but arbitrage bets are still doable if you have a good software like RebelBetting. It also depends on your ability to place an arbitrage bet really quickly – preferably before the other arbitrage traders. The more bets a bookmaker accepts on a particular team, the sooner they lower the odds – that is why you need place an arbitrage bet before the others and get the best-value odds.

One of the key things to be aware of is bookmakers’ stake limits. Some of them have decreased their limits over the last years. But there are many bookmakers involved in sure bets on the market, so your choice is quite wide. Moreover, there are still bookmakers like Pinnacle or SBObet that let you bet stakes in thousands of euro.

To sum it up, I have strong hope of a bright future for sports arbitrage betting. The percentage of arbitrage bets might be a bit lower in the future (the Arbitrage Training team guess it will be around 1%), but there will always be a way to make sure bets profitable. Arbitrage traders just must not rest on their laurels!

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